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[Dolce&Gabana Design]
Most well-known, thin and long pasta with circular cutting shape

    • Product name Spaghetti
    • Standard 500g
    • Consumer Price 3,800\
    • Expiration date 24months
    • Country of origin Italy
    • Feature It is a product with unique sense added the luxury feeling of Italian Dolce&Gabana design. It is long and thin pasta with circular cutting shape and most well-known among long pasta kinds. Long shape and comparably slick texture of surface match well with oil pasta or pasta made with light sauce. (Thickness of pasta : 1.70mm)
    • Detail Information


      Dimensions (g)


      Customer Price (\)


      Quantity per box


      Shelf life

      24 months

      Country of Origin


      Desirable cooking time (Al Dante)



      * What is Al Dante?
      It is a slightly undercooked state that is to be firm to the bite. It is the best to cook in Al Dante considering mixing time with sauce.