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Alaska Slash S1

    • Product name Alaska Slash S1
    • Feature Cooling device for producing draft slush with rapid cooling by putting draft beer in a closed container
    • Detailed Information
      Size(mm) Width 400
      Depth 535
      Height 1385
      Weight When there is no water 113
      When there is water 121
      Power V/Hz 115V/60Hz, 220V/50,60Hz
      Power consumption Ampere / Watt 11.5A/1.1Kw , 7.5A/1.1KW
      Compressor NEK2150GK LX86LACM Horsepower(HP) 1/2+HP, 1/3HP
      Capacity(kcal/h) 608, 247
      Condenser Row/Stage/Length 2R/8S/250EL, 3R/8S/250EL
      Fin Pitch/O.D 3.6 / 3/8"
      Fan motor Type BLDC24V, UF-12B11(4각 Fan motor)
      Evaporator O.D(mm)/Length(m) 9.52Ø * 9M,
      Refrigerant Type R-134a
      Spread coil Material STS304L
      Inner diameter(mm) 6.5
      external diameter(mm) 7.3
      Length(m) 15M
      Tank Capacity Liter 27
      Thermostats Sensor type Electronic
      Stirring motor Mixed Type Continuous/Pump (3z*5")
      Coolant circulation 4.8 l/min


      Continuous dispensing time and capacity (room temperature 25 ° C or lower, casting temperature 7 ° C or lower, flow rate 750cc / min)