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Multi dispensers

    • Product name Multi dispensers
    • Tips for Management 1. Do not be subject to impact by sharp objects to prevent external plating from peeling off.
      2. You can attach the top medal after a certain period of time by presenting it freely according to customer's taste.
      3. Please use the detergent (diluted 1:30 or less) to soften the juncture when cleaning the exterior.
    • Feature "MULTI" has been popular in large-scale shops selling a variety of beer and other recent world beer.
      In addition to the basic medallion option at the top, it is also possible to use the logo of the soft design using the LED lamp to solve the problem of classical design by using a pipe-like appearance which seems to convey the feeling of the brewery as a whole. is.
      Fixed type is 4 bolt and nut type left and right. It requires special installation instructions and is designed to be easy to fix and disassemble by one touch method of connection method of liquor line and cooling water.
    • Detailed Information

      1. Materal : Stainless Steel
      2. Option : ⓐStandard,Adjustable    ⓑLED Lamp
      3. Type : With Stainless Steel Pipe. Freezing Water Jacket
      4. Color : Gold,Silver
      5. Fixed Type : Bolt,Nut
      6. Amount of Coke : 1~8구