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co2 gauge (manual adjustable)

    • Product name co2 gauge (manual adjustable)
    • Detailed Information

      Product Name

      3000 Series

      Test pressure

      3000 PSIG(206.8 bar)

      Maximum injection pressure

      1800 PSIG(124.1 bar)

      Operating Range

      0-120 PSIG(0-8.27 bar)

      Temperature range

      -40F / +200F (-40C / + 93C)

      Safety devices

      Preset 130 PSIG (8.97 bar)

      Installation Method



      10 Micron filter Built in inlet


      '160#, 2000 Gauge

      'CO2 Tank connec (CGA 320)

      '1/4" flare w/check outlet;

      'LOW to medium CO2 volume