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Brokerage business

  • Business vision

    As a pioneer in the beer market, we will provide the best quality products and services to our customers, and will continue to develop overseas markets through the development of new technologies and introduce advanced breweries and ingredients to our domestic market.

    Business information

    We supply our cooler, which is produced by our company, exclusively to overseas famous beer brand manufacturers such as Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas. We also have partnerships with European beer manufacturers to provide advanced production facilities, malt, PVPP, silica gel, etc., and distributes them to domestic market.

    Award winning

    KITA 3 million export Award Dec.5th.2016

    Main buyers

    Business Draft beer equipment business

    Draft beer equipment business

    • Business vision

      Based on continuous R & D and technology know-how, We intend to provide the best products through thorough follow-up management.

      Business information

      • We produce all kinds of equipment for extracting draft beer and operation of beer such as draft beer cooler (raw emitter) and 생공통, and supply them to beer companies and reseller not only in Korea but also in overseas famous brands. As a result of continuous R & D, we have developed a total beverage device business by developing and supplying application cooling device and storage container for wine, coffee business as well as draft beer.