Through challenging and developing
the global food business through creative innovation

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    Through challenging and developing the global food business through creative innovation, we aim to provide premium food products and help customers to be healthy and provide customer-friendly service.

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    Introducing advanced food and beverage, such as Olitalia, San Carlo, Di Martino, Cirio etc to the domestic market, we introduce excellent brands around the world with the aim of promoting national health, and try to expand the domestic food business.


It is the healthy oil brand that keeps Italian traditional flavors and fragrances alive and is exported to about 118 countries. It was selected as the most favorite brand by Italian chefs under strict quality control. It is produced in Italy by Cold-Pressing (cold pressing) method within 24 hours after harvest using only Non-Gmo ingredient, and it is the finished product that is marked expiration date right after produced in Italy and is imported directly.

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For Everyone, For Everywhere
San Kallo Potato Chip is an 80 year old Italian premium potato chip ranked number 1 market share and people of all ages can enjoy it anytime anywhere. Currently, it is sold to more than 30 countries including Europe, Middle East and Asia. We are continuously developing and expanding various products such as snacks and confectionery as well as potato chips. San Karlo Potato Chip features crispy and crunch texture, unique package design, and a variety of flavors.

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DI Martino

Pastificio Di Martino is an Italian company with its history over 100years, located in Gragnano, southern side of Italy that has perfect weather for drying pasta. They researched and developed the best quality of pasta using durum wheat semolina produced in Gragnano area.
The rough surface of pasta is made by extrusion of the dough through a bronze module and drying process at low temperature. And it makes pasta and sauce mixed better. You can feel rich durum wheat aroma when you open the package.

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Cirio is a brand that specializes in tomato products. Established in 1856, It has a long history of more than 160years.
The brand is owned by Conserve Italia, the biggest farm produce processor in Italy. Cirio brings out its original flavors of ingredient through a thorough management system harvesting Non-GMO Italian tomato on a ripening stage and processing within 24hours.

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